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Lunch Club

at Billericay Methodist Preschool

Lunch clubs are run on Wednesday's and Thursdays from 12:15 - 12:45. These are a great social opportunity for children. Children will need to bring a healthy packed lunch in a named lunchbox.

​We are a nut free pre school and children should not bring any nut based items in their lunch box including peanut butter or nutella as we do have some children who will react to these foods with their allergies.  Please also cut grapes into quarters to prevent a choking hazard.


At lunch club it is a great opportunity to further develop independence so easy to open containers are ideal. Drinks wise a named reusable bottle they can drink from is much easier than a juice carton or smoothie carton as its hard for the children to open them with the new style paper straws. Children do not need too much in their lunch box as its best they eat their healthy food fully rather than eat a bite from multiple things in there lunch box.

During lunch club there is a fun planned activity too.  

A guide lunch is to include a;

  • pot of pasta / sandwich 

  • piece of fruit 

  • yogurt (including spoon)

  • drink

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